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New fuel depots at Alexandroupoli airport

New fuel depots at Alexandroupoli airport

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) announces that the procedures for licensing, certification and installation of warehouses, tanks, supply of aviation fuel type JET A1 at the State Airport of Alexandroupolis "Demokritos" (KAALD) have been completed.

It is a modern aviation fuel refueling station, of the company GISSCO A.E., located within the premises of the state airport "Dimokritos" in Alexandroupoli. The installation concerns the placement of boxed JET A1 aviation fuel tanks inside an ISO Container, with a capacity of up to 60 cubic meters (m3).

The Commander of the Civil Aviation Service, Mr. George I. Dritsakos, visited and inspected, in the presence of the Airport Master, Mr. Stylianos Zantanidis, the new aviation fuel facilities, emphasizing: "From 8/8/2022, the State Airport of Alexandroupoli "Demokritos" can serve safely on a 24-hour basis the refueling of all air vehicles operating in the Terminal Area (TMA) of the Alexandroupoli State Airport. This is an important infrastructure that places the Akriti International Airport at the highest level of service provision. The supply of aviation fuel of all types to the airports of the Civil Aviation Service is an important goal which we implement in close cooperation with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and all relevant public and private sector bodies".

It is reported that the supply of aviation fuel to KAALD was interrupted for a period of more than three years due to a change in the legislation on tax warehouses.

The aviation fuel park that operates in KAALD is a new modern and absolutely safe aviation fuel supply facility (Jet A1) that gives a dynamic perspective of economic, social development as well as national security both in the rural Prefecture of Evros and in the wider region of the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, the announcement concludes.