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Commencement of operations of the new Gissco refuelling depot at Kalamata airport

C.A.A. and Gissco announce operational, the new fuel depot at Kalamata airport

Gissco is proud to announce the commencement of operations of its brand-new aviation fuel refueling depot in the airport "Captain Vasilis Konstantakopoulos” - (KLX) in Kalamata.

The installation has been constructed by the highest standards and uses the latest technology in Aviation storage and Aircrafts refuelling.

GISSCO can now serve safely on a 24-hour basis the refueling of scheduled / nonscheduled flights operating in the Terminal Area (TMA) of kalamata State Airport enhacing the total refuelling capacity of the Airport and boosting therefore the incoming aircrafts and passengers potential.

Kalamata airport is located 9 klm from the city center of Kalamata, it is operational since 1959 and is a significant part of the touristic growth of the area.